Save/remember sort & order settings per notebook



It would be nice to have a feature which remembers sort & order settings per notebook (eg. placed in the Notebook settings). I couldn’t find such option. What do you think @craftzdog?



Hi b4k3r,

Thank you for the suggestion.
Yeah it’d be useful but I personally don’t need it because I mostly prefer sorting by ‘Date Created’ in descending order.

You can configure keymaps for switching the sort mode quickly with shortcuts like this:

In keymap.cson:

  'cmd-shift-y': 'view:sort-by-title'

Following commands are available for the customization:

  • view:sort-by-title
  • view:sort-by-date-created
  • view:sort-by-date-updated
  • view:sort-in-ascending
  • view:sort-in-descending

I would like to avoid adding many preferences in order to keep the app simple.
Hope it helps.


Thanks for the answer.


I would also find this feature useful.